The Native Survival School


       The Native Survival School's development is spearheaded by its Founder Mitch Mitchell. Hailing from Massachusetts, Mitch exercises his skills in the dynamic Northeast among its intense hurricanes, powerful blizzards, blistering 105F heat, to the subzero -20F winters. Mitch actively travels to several bioregions on North America to routinely test his skills; including Deleware, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Maine, New York, and Ohio.

       Mitch has also immersed himself in the harsh Canadian weather of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, surviving alone under a tarp in the remote wilderness of the Quatsino Reservation. There he forged friendships with the Tribal Elders to last a lifetime; their common bond of long term wilderness living skills, and respecting the land, bridged the gap from his Atlantic Ocean upbringing to their rich Pacific Ocean culture.

       Mitch brings his inimitable style to The Native Survival School's classes as well as his instructional videos found on the school's popular YouTube channel. He has been featured on The History Channel and written articles for Outdoor Magazines.

       The Native Survival School's Brand of Outdoor gear is designed and used by Mitch throughout his travels in the wilds. Unable to find what he demanded from existing gear in the marketplace, he forged ahead to marry practical design with the most robust materials in the industry, resulting in gear he relies on whether he's in the woods for a few months or just a weekend trip.


In the Beginning


    Mitch Mitchell’s love for the outdoors began as a child in the typical fashion; playing in his neighborhood’s woods. He and his friends were blessed with hundreds of acres to explore, shoot their wooden slingshots and build various camps outfitted with Lean-to’s in the summer, and Quinzee’s in the winter.


    Throughout his childhood, Mitch enjoyed fishing with his father and grandfather, who both seemed to know innumerable guarded backcountry fishing spots. His grandfather remembered some of the traditional wilderness living skills passed down from his First Nation Canadian roots, which planted the seed of Mitch’s future.


    After his grandfather passed away he briefly joined the Boy Scouts of America. As a scout he was exposed to a fundamental base of woodslore, consisting of firecraft, knotcraft, wood carving, group hiking standards, first aid, canoeing, shooting, and navigation among other skills; his desire to complete a primitive bowdrill fire was born during this period of his life. His troop went on many trips culminating in a 25 mile canoe trip in the wilderness of New Hampshire.


    His teenage and young adult years were dominated by his passion for music, during this period he became a professional musician and taught music for a living. His time in the woods reflected his new passion by playing his acoustic guitar around the fire on camping trips.


    His life changed when he met the photographer directing a photo shoot for his band; his soon to be wife. They were married a few years later, and his life’s passion was about to change unbeknownst to him. 


    In 2008, just prior to their wedding, Mitch went camping with a friend for a week in the mountains of western Massachusetts. As fate would have it, a fierce hurricane ripped through the mountains during their trip. Suddenly challenges abound to make fire, and maintain a comfortable camp. They kept their wits about them, persevered, and had an unforgettable trip. That storm sparked a passion in Mitch that has not subsided, he walked away from that experience thirsting for more woodland living, bushcraft, and primitive skills in his daily life. His knife had replaced his guitar.


    Starting the first day back from his honeymoon, he has cultivated his woodland living and survival skills in all weather conditions New England has to offer. From -30F to 105F, during blizzards and hurricanes, to sleeping out 90 days in a year, his personal record; Mitch puts his skills routinely to the test, and enjoys every minute of it.


    During this time, Mitch started his popular Youtube Channel NativeSurvival, to share what he’s learned throughout his adventures, in the hope his teachings can save the lives of viewers who happen to find themselves in a survival situation from a natural disaster or otherwise. 


    Mitch has since made wilderness living skills his career, working with Television Networks and Outdoor Magazines; he owns and operates The Native Survival School which provides woodland living and survival classes, as well as offering quality outdoor gear designed by Mitch. He has guest instructed for several survival schools and strives everyday to better himself in the outdoors, each new skill honed is not an end, but a beginning. He loves passing down his knowledge to his young daughter, who enjoys snowshoeing, making maple syrup, foraging, tracking, and canoeing.


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